Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.

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Hedgren Launch

_HDN5085Sonnyphotoscouple of quick shots of the room before the guests arrive _HDN5087Sonnyphotosliving room _HDN5088Sonnyphotos
_HDN5090SonnyphotosGory _HDN5092SonnyphotosLove this shot, took this just over a week ago from early morning flight from Brisbane _HDN5093SonnyphotosFiji _HDN5095SonnyphotosParis _HDN5097SonnyphotosIrina Diane01Diane, Phillippe & I at Diane;s hotel before the event Diane02Me with stylist/fashion designer Toon Geboers and photographer Zeb D Diane03Diane and Gory Diane04Bag pics on the wall Diane05aah, so glad Aglaia and Fredcha could make it, they have their new project up and running btw, check out their site Diane06Kim Peers. All these pics taken from Diane Pernet site here and here Oona01Phillippe Pourhashemi, interviewing me here at the begin of the night for an article he will do for Word magazine, read it here SonnyGrooMy Dutch friend Sonny Groo made it down as well, For more pics of the night from Oona's photographer, go to their facebook page
_HDN5139SonnyphotosRomain, one half of RA popped down as well, going for the Meisel look _HDN5146Sonnyphotosand in the mood for picking up and being picked up _HDN5183SonnyphotosGory _HDN5188Sonnyphotosaaaaah :-) _HDN5192SonnyphotosThe girls responsible from Oona that made it all happen !! _HDN5202SonnyphotosThe man from Hedgren, that trusted the girls from Oona to make it all happen :-) _HDN5211SonnyphotosAnd Tony Spackman, the man from The Non, that made the bag, so he also made it all happen :-)
And a little story on the night here as well

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