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London > Bangkok

SYD_0003Sonnyphotos Departure was 10 pm or so, so got a nice view of London at night time SYD_0005Sonnyphotosfast forward 8-9 hours, all the cabins windows were down, so was dark in cabin, but knew ther would be something to see outside. So went to the galley and used the window on the door, and at first, as it was so bright, I thought I was looking at a landscape of snow, that confused me for a second as I figured we would somewhere over the middle east, so snow ? But as my eyes adjusted it was an endless sea of sand dunes, hmmm, glass facrory anyone ? SYD_0006Sonnyphotosquite spectacular to see SYD_0008Sonnyphotoslooks like just sand sand, but did a little google search and they do frow a lot of hay, wheat down there, apparently. have a mountain range on horizon, but could not find a name for it on google earth. SYD_0010Sonnyphotosthousands and thousands of years of natural erosion SYD_0011Sonnyphotos
Deh 'Osman SYD_0012Sonnyphotos
SYD_0013Sonnyphotosopening of the montain into Almar SYD_0014SonnyphotosAlmar SYD_0015SonnyphotosCaghatay SYD_0017SonnyphotosThere are about half a dozen towns on that hillside, can you see them SYD_0018Sonnyphotos
Tahkt-e Zaghan bottom left and Parkhis in the middle SYD_0019SonnyphotosParkhis SYD_0023Sonnyphotosincredible landscape, and in springtime, you will see a lot of poppy flowers in these hills SYD_0024Sonnyphotosfertile valley in the middle SYD_0025Sonnyphotosnote to British airways, your plastic window covers need replacing, just a few scratches on there SYD_0028Sonnyphotosabout an hour later, over india SYD_0033Sonnyphotosbreakfastis being served SYD_0043Sonnyphotos
SYD_0056Sonnyphotosend of the ganges delta SYD_0060Sonnyphotoslittle love heart, as that's whom I'm on my way to see SYD_0062SonnyphotosChar Lakshmi under the cloud SYD_0064Sonnyphotosoh woauw, my first airial rainbow SYD_0067Sonnyphotoszoom in SYD_0070Sonnyphotoswho's ever seen a rainbow from up high before ? SYD_0073Sonnyphotosbay of bengal SYD_0077Sonnyphotostranquil SYD_0081SonnyphotosThai coastline, probably near Tumbru SYD_0088SonnyphotosThailand SYD_0092Sonnyphotos
SYD_0095Sonnyphotos SYD_0098Sonnyphotosa lot of water, never realised how much of the farmland outside of Bangkok was like this SYD_0102Sonnyphotosapproaching Bangkok SYD_0105Sonnyphotoswhat farmland looks like outside of Bangkok

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