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Bangkok > Sydney

SYD_0107Sonnyphotostook of from Bangkok minutes after sunset, so no photos till now, about an hour out of Sydney and first light SYD_0110Sonnyphotosmisty morning SYD_0113Sonnyphotos
SYD_0116SonnyphotosI think this is somewhere near Wattle ridge, which is the southern part of the blue mountains SYD_0117Sonnyphotosand as soon as the sun gets high enough all that fog will evaporate SYD_0120Sonnyphotosbeautiful, all those layers SYD_0124Sonnyphotosfirst light hitting the sandstone ridges SYD_0126Sonnyphotossuburbia, probably Blacktown area SYD_0127Sonnyphotoslooking north on the outskirts of Sydney's metropolitan earea SYD_0128Sonnyphotosall that amazing bushland north of Windsor and Hornsby, wonder if that is Mt Wareng sticking out on the horizon SYD_0130Sonnyphotosoh yes, super stoked, big banking turn to the right, so we get an epic early morning view of my hood, the northern beaches with Kuringai national park, can just make out Lion Island on Pittwater, all bathed in this awesome morning gold light SYD_0136SonnyphotosNarrabeen lake on the left, how's this light, awesome SYD_0140Sonnyphotosthat beautiful shape of the northern beaches coastline, aaaah, home at last SYD_0145Sonnyphotoschatswood poking out through the mist SYD_0147Sonnyphotosand the T.V. towers SYD_0149Sonnyphotossuper lucky with these sights this morning SYD_0154Sonnyphotosthat'd be Sydney CBD under that fog, and you can just make out centrepoint tower poking out SYD_0156SonnyphotosCockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour SYD_0158SonnyphotosCenterpoint Tower SYD_0160Sonnyphotosnice SYD_0164Sonnyphotos
SYD_0166Sonnyphotosand down we go

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