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London > Brussel

_EUR4110SonnyPhotos A few days late, I know, but as soon as I arrived in Belgium had quite a lot to do and get done, so I forgot to post these pics, it wasn't till I started packing for New York I realised I had not posted these pics yet from a few days ago, so stop it already :-) _EUR4117SonnyPhotos guess which airport _EUR4120SonnyPhotos aaah, the wallabies plane _EUR4124SonnyPhotos country side around London _EUR4131SonnyPhotos London from a distance _EUR4132SonnyPhotos If you zoomed in you would see London and how close London is, via the Thames river, to the sea _EUR4134SonnyPhotos and then when you see the opening of the Thames to the sea like this, you can imagine what it would have been like for the tall ships to return from their exploits around the world, returning home loaded with produce from exotic places and stories from far away places, sailing that last few miles up the river, what a feeling that would have been, anyway...rambling I know _EUR4140SonnyPhotos Broadstairs & Ramsgate under little fluffy clouds _EUR4142SonnyPhotos White Cliffs of Dover _EUR4143SonnyPhotos
_EUR4146SonnyPhotos some 50 kms of Dover, a horseshoe shaped sand bank in the middle of English channel pretty much _EUR4148SonnyPhotos summer clouds _EUR4154SonnyPhotos crossing Belgium coast, De Panne _EUR4161SonnyPhotos summer clouds again _EUR4166SonnyPhotos Fort Breendonk in the middle of the photo, a military fort which during the second world war was used by the occupying germans as a prison mainly for captured resistance fighters, one of my grandfathers was held there in the last year of the war, and was to shipped out from there to a concentration camp _EUR4168SonnyPhotos Zennegat, place my parents would go to for a drink _EUR4172SonnyPhotos Wim & Hilda's place under that cloud somewhere _EUR4176SonnyPhotos about to land

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