Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Flying to Milan , we love cause we cross the Alps

MFW_2749Sonnyphotos french countryside MFW_2754Sonnyphotos lake Geneva, with the Alps already appearing to right corner MFW_2755Sonnyphotos woauw, unlike some of the other times when it was all coveredin clouds, I feel I'm about to get some great shots MFW_2757Sonnyphotos I need a private jet to explore this better and further, straight after I brought me back form my surf trip in Asia MFW_2763Sonnyphotos meet Mt. Blanc MFW_2765Sonnyphotos end of summer, and still so many places you could go ski, and Jacqui is right, it is cheaper to go ski-ing here than, say Thredbo. ( woauw Jacqui, I just admitted to thw whole world that you are right :-) MFW_2768Sonnyphotos spot the glaciers MFW_2775Sonnyphotos how it juts out and then the deep valley to the right MFW_2778Sonnyphotos
MFW_2784Sonnyphotos the valley, and imagine that in winter all in white MFW_2791Sonnyphotos
leaving the Alps and well into Italy now MFW_2803Sonnyphotos
MFW_2808Sonnyphotos crossing Milan's Famous golden River ( I just made that up ) MFW_2810Sonnyphotos farmland surrounding the industrial city that is Milan witht he Alps still visible in the background

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