Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Singapore > London

P8290474Sonnyphotos about 9 hours into the flight, slight lightness appearing on the horizon, but this camera still only registering darkness P8290476Sonnyphotos about an hour later, nice colours P8290477Sonnyphotos
P8290478Sonnyphotos let's get the other camera out _EUR4089Sonnyphotos
_EUR4090Sonnyphotos I think we are nearing Poland _EUR4094Sonnyphotos
_EUR4100Sonnyphotos loving the colour in those clouds
_EUR4103Sonnyphotos in flight map screen says I'm on top of Amsterdam _EUR4104Sonnyphotos crossing the channel _EUR4105Sonnyphotos descending into London P8290481Sonnyphotos


P8290485Sonnyphotos Landed

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