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Diane Pernet's sets foot in Sydney for the first time

_IZO1970Sonnyphotos I wanted Diane to meet so many of the talented local designers, but this is her first trip to Sydney, on no official capacity, just for fun, and it is the first time Diane has actually added on a few free days on her trip, so it is all about sight see-ing, but I could not resist, she just had to meet Akira at his studio in Marrickville _IZO1971Sonnyphotos we are upstairs in his studio amongst his many archived collections _IZO1972Sonnyphotos Akira has been busy, not only is he working on his own collections, naturally, but he has been involved with choreographer Graeme Murphy on the next Australian Ballet production, meaning Akira has been spending about 4 days a week in Melbourne, designing, fitting then back to Sydney work on his collection, production etc... then back to Melbourne, and doing this for quite some time _IZO1973Sonnyphotos
_IZO1977Sonnyphotos after Akira's we went for a meeting at Little Hero to have a look at the list of talent that Rae looks after Me&Rae goofing around for the camera with Rae for Diane ( I love this pop corn machine ) More pics check out Diane's post _IZO1978Sonnyphotos After checking up on the boys, Miguel, Konstantinos and Graham, I take Diane & Graham for a quick tour to Vaucluse, Watson bay and Bondi beach of course _IZO1980Sonnyphotos closest I've seen Diane to a beach ( well I was not in Cannes, so that does not count :-) _IZO1981Sonnyphotos again lots of surfers out on this cold wintry day ( just how Diane likes it, can't see Diane visiting Sydney in the middle of Summer, too hot ) 6a00d8341c76e453ef0154348a8ddc970c-500wi I love this shot Diane snapped of me as we drove around the eastern suburbs

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