Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


ASVOFF after party at the Blakiston's

_IZO1900Sonnyphotos Miguel, Jacqui & Graham at the entrance, we had to have a shot to show you the hundreds of beautiful red roses at the entrance. ( And Jacqui wearing her new Romance Was Born printed candle dress ) _IZO1905Sonnyphotos Miguel does a quick portrait _IZO1908Sonnyphotos of this gentleman, who has come down from the very north of Western Australia to accept an award at the W.A. art gallery on behalf of his mother ( sorry, but the name has escaped me) _IZO1911Sonnyphotos The kichen, were hired chefs are cooking up the yummiest little morsels of food, and they just kept coming out. _IZO1912Sonnyphotos Liza and Michael have filled their house with contemporary art, and it is done in such a nice way, enough so you see it all , but not overdone, so you don't feel like you ar ein a museum and can't touch anything. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it still feels like a home, a very nice home :-) _IZO1913Sonnyphotos even nicer with a pretty girl in the photo _IZO1917Sonnyphotos loving the dark version of arum lillies in all those vases _IZO1918Sonnyphotos what an incredible looking flower _IZO1924Sonnyphotos and this hot chick that keeps following me :-) _IZO1925Sonnyphotos Miguel, host Liza and Graham _IZO1931Sonnyphotos the crew _IZO1933Sonnyphotos the end of the night and time to say our goodbyes. Some will stay in Perth, but most of us will fly out to Sydney.

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