Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Valencia, Madrid, Paris

_JAC0488sonnyphotos new terminal ( and looks like they are building another one like it as well ) and it's a walk on tarmac ( love that , as opposed to bus ) _JAC0490sonnyphotos not my plane _JAC0493sonnyphotos take off, and a dirty sensor plus dirty window, not a good picture makes _JAC0494sonnyphotos Valencian coastline _JAC0498sonnyphotos
_JAC0501sonnyphotos about a hundred or so Kms outside Madrid, and looking a lot drier _JAC0502sonnyphotos Madrid airport _JAC0503sonnyphotos
an hour later boarding on another plane, and on other side of same plane iin previous shot _JAC0505sonnyphotos terminal _JAC0508sonnyphotos as we taxi, I notice the storm looming onthe horizon, and heading our way, plus, looks we are taking off heading straight for it ( good thing Jacqui is not on this flight with me, doubt she would like the look of that, and sound of that, taking off head on into a storm ) _JAC0511sonnyphotos yep, looks nasty _JAC0513sonnyphotos bring it on _JAC0518sonnyphotos nice, land could use some of that rain _JAC0519sonnyphotos nice, nature at work _JAC0524sonnyphotos nice how you can see the rain falling on this , ahem, sweltry day, _JAC0529sonnyphotos
_JAC0530sonnyphotos dam in between rain clouds _JAC0532sonnyphotos
once through the storm ( was very smooth by the way, surprisingly ) the scene changes _JAC0541sonnyphotos Spanish coast line , near Mundaka _JAC0545sonnyphotos hang on a minute _JAC0547sonnyphotos hmmm, yes, just as I thought, surf is up, not fair, when we were here this time last year, it was flat flat flat _JAC0554sonnyphotos the sun lines up , for good filter pics like I did on our way to Fiji _JAC0562sonnyphotos awesome ! _JAC0564sonnyphotos another lot of pics to add to my wish list to print _JAC0571sonnyphotos









Lacanau area ( anyone living here, would this just not make a nice big framed photo on one your friends walls !!, Call me !! ) _JAC0603sonnyphotos change the angle of camera, and that effect I like does not work, it really has to be on that right angle to the sun's reflection for it to work _JAC0609sonnyphotos French farmland outside Paris _JAC0615sonnyphotos
land , get car, deal with peak hour traffic of the peripherique and then 3 hours drive, finally home after midnight, tired. And up again early to do another shoot with Frederik & Jantine from the academy

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