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Karen Magazine Shoot With Iekeliene

KAREN_12_JPG66 The shoot I did with Azzolini & Iekeliene has finally hit the newstand KAREN_12_JPG67 Have a look here at the location scouting before KAREN_12_JPG68
Mi mate Travis Balcke was on hair and Angie Barton did the make up KAREN_12_JPG69
Jacqui played faithfull assisstant, and did a great post on her blog for a behind the scenes look KAREN_12_JPG70 and am happy with the colour layers Abbie form Faux Pink layered in there for me KAREN_12_JPG71 Jacqui's behind the scenes photos were so good, Karen asked Jacqui to write a little story to accompany her photos KAREN_12_Cover_12 And here's the cover, so run out and grab a copy ( no I did not shoot this cover, I wish, no Azzolini did a great job here with Troyt Coburn, love this cover, good work )

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