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Bush Walk with the Girls

IMG_0518-polasonnyPhotos Gum trees at wakehurst parkway IMG_0516-polasonnyPhotos
We knew there was a lot of rain heading to Sydney, and the girls wanted to get a bush walk in before the rain set in IMG_0520-polasonnyPhotos they brought their own lunch, so when we got to the top of one of the many rocky outcrops we found a rock to pause and have lunch IMG_0521-polasonnyPhotos

bottle brush IMG_0524-polasonnyPhotos
India IMG_0523-polasonnyPhotos
Belle IMG_0525-polasonnyPhotos Bettery ran out, so no more photos, but was a pretty walk, complete with leeches and tics :-)
Must do it again, but this time spray ourselves with some eucalyptus first to protect us from the tics.

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