Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Some more Surfshots from that June 4 swell

Another lucky punter gets a nice barrel _AFW1694SonnyPhotos and then another freak set wave out the back cleans up everyone, big big wave, and as it breaks out so much further out the back than the other waves, there is no one ever out there to get it, and instead, everybody cops it on the head instead _AFW1758SonnyPhotos
This guy gets super lucky, why, cause he's on a twin fin, old skool 70's style _AFW1775SonnyPhotos
nice easy take off, easy to blo it on the bottom turn with that speed, doesn't , lines it up nicely for probably this guys best barrell this year , yew _AFW1801SonnyPhotos
And another clean up set out the back rolling in

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