Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Nadi, Fiji

more cloud pictures, but this time from the Canon camera ( previous post was from the snap happy camera ) That's Sydney harbour and the heads _OZI0176Sonnyphotos Northern beaches under those clouds _OZI0180Sonnyphotos central coast _OZI0183Sonnyphotos yesterdays storm now way out in sea ? _OZI0187Sonnyphotos
getting more tropical, and now it gets interesting
by the way
NO PHOTOSHOPPING in these photos, it;s a trick in the photo taking ( it involves a filter ) and these photos have not passed through any software including photoshop _OZI0190Sonnyphotos
print please _OZI0197Sonnyphotos
loving it _OZI0199Sonnyphotos
feeling pretty blessed right about now _OZI0219Sonnyphotos
print this one too please _OZI0223Sonnyphotos
breath taking, imagine this printed up big on your wall _OZI0228Sonnyphotos
_OZI0268Sonnyphotos night is falling _OZI0274Sonnyphotos
awesome _OZI0279Sonnyphotos woauw  . .  ! ! _OZI0281Sonnyphotos

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