Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Natandola Beach Fiji

_OZI0288Sonnyphotos I loved coming to this beach last time I was here, so had to come back, plus there was a tamarind tree I wanted to revisted and eat some more tamarind, but no fruit on the tree, not the right time of year. So the local kids offered to get us some fresh coconuts instead, and up they climbed _OZI0292Sonnyphotos
_OZI0294Sonnyphotos pluck, crack, eat _OZI0296Sonnyphotos how the locals get around, did not notice any horses when I visited last, but this time, I seen nothing but horses, on the beach alone there was about 30 horses _OZI0298Sonnyphotos
_OZI0299Sonnyphotos later , back at the resort for sunset drinks at Bilo bar _OZI0306Sonnyphotos
_OZI0307Sonnyphotos the boats that would not take me surfing _OZI0310Sonnyphotos

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