Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


More Fiji Time

P1000544Sonnyphotos India takes control of the camera P1000543Sonnyphotos
P1000552Sonnyphotos ok, time to give that camera back, enough of me P1000554Sonnyphotosidyllic P1000559Sonnyphotos what;s that song again whose lyrics include Pina Colada, ask the lyrics master when she's finished her Pina Colada P1000561Sonnyphotos where the two palms meet to kiss over the water P1000564Sonnyphotos
P1000578Sonnyphotos lunch at nearby indian restaurant P1000586Sonnyphotos
seafood pasta in what looks like a gravy sauce :-) P1000616Sonnyphotos
Fiji's coral coast across the road from restaurant P1000634Sonnyphotos snorkel time, and we find a bed of coral re-planting programme, with a rather odd looking fish P1000637Sonnyphotos
super long, about 150cm P1000638Sonnyphotos called trumpet fish P1000640Sonnyphotos India's underwater pose P1000641Sonnyphotos sorry India, fish is more interesting P1000646Sonnyphotos
P1000649Sonnyphotos The kids , through the hotel's marine center, help build a "fish house " this is to encourage more coral growth again ( a lot of it got damaged form years of hotel guests trampling on the reef at low tide, now forbidden by the local chief ) P1000651Sonnyphotos looking for shells to decorate it P1000658Sonnyphotos
P1000665Sonnyphotos once done, they will be placed on the reef, pieces of still alive coral will be stuck on, and it is then hoped fish will start to use the "house" and regenerate the reef P1000668Sonnyphotos
P1000669Sonnyphotos another sunset... P1000672Sonnyphotos another cocktail

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