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Back to Biasevu waterfall, which turned into a flash flood, plus world's cutest cat & dog photo !

_OZI0322Sonnyphotos Today we head back to Korolevu, to turn left , inland to Biasevu and take the kids to the waterfall. On the way ( and we noticed this yesterday, but was too dark to take a photo )  we noticed all this washing, hanging in the rain, over the water, but must have been high tide when we saw it yesterday, as it now hangs over sand _OZI0325Sonnyphotos
_OZI0327Sonnyphotos loving this tree covered in what looks like mini staghorns _OZI0328Sonnyphotos _OZI0332Sonnyphotos
_OZI0333Sonnyphotos start of the track to the waterfall _OZI0335Sonnyphotos some of the locals heading out that way as well on horseback _OZI0339Sonnyphotos off we go _OZI0346Sonnyphotos we cross 7 times a creek oh so clear _OZI0351Sonnyphotos
each time, venturing on deeper into the forest/jungle _OZI0356Sonnyphotos I stopped taking photos half way through our trek , as it started with this trpical downpour, raindrops the size of big ripe juiced up cherries, so in no time we were soaked, and I wrapped my camera up in a towel and then tied it up in a plastic bag. Jacqui standing on a footbridge, which wasn't here last time, in front of the waterfall _OZI0364Sonnyphotos The waterfall, which is usually a fun, tranquil place, was just that when we arrived, but moments later, due to the downpour, it turned into a raging wild cascading waterfall as a result of flash flood, and the water quickly turned into a muddy brown orange colour, so after all this trekkign we did not even get to jump off the watefall as it would have been a bit dicey, but the most curious thing, that can't be seen in the photo, is the wind the waterfall has generated, all around is calm, but if you stand at the edge of the water, it is like being in a wind tunnel, amazing , nature _OZI0367Sonnyphotos heading back, and even our local guide is awestruck by the increase in volume of water coming down _OZI0371Sonnyphotos so windy standing here to take this shot, and within seconds my lens is covered in a fine mist of water, click here to see how it looked last time we were here, not only does it look calmer, but the water was so clear, where as now, it is looking like sludge from all that rain _OZI0372Sonnyphotos still all those awesome red ginger flowers everywhere _OZI0377Sonnyphotos _OZI0382Sonnyphotos frog trapped on a rock by the flash flood _OZI0386Sonnyphotos frogmaster India to the rescue _OZI0390Sonnyphotos _OZI0391Sonnyphotos natural sculpture _OZI0394Sonnyphotos rain has turned the track back into a creek _OZI0395Sonnyphotos oh yeah, mud fest coming up _OZI0398Sonnyphotos In hindsight, probably would have been quicker to go in the creek bed _OZI0405Sonnyphotos and that clear water on the way over has turned brown _OZI0410Sonnyphotos nearly there _OZI0419Sonnyphotos frogs galore around here _OZI0420Sonnyphotos frog or toad ? _OZI0421Sonnyphotos loving this place as a location for a shoot ( Lizzie ?? ) _OZI0428Sonnyphotos cute _OZI0432Sonnyphotos this week's worlds cutest cat and dog photo !! _OZI0435Sonnyphotos
nice pattern _OZI0437Sonnyphotos it wanted to come with us _OZI0438Sonnyphotos but I think the creek was too much of a river now _OZI0442Sonnyphotos
_OZI0446Sonnyphotos aaaw, all together now, so cute _OZI0448Sonnyphotos
_OZI0456Sonnyphotos back in the village, and no rain _OZI0457Sonnyphotos

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