Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


A day in Fiji, before the watercamera broke ( again ! )

P1000483Sonnyphotos waking up in tropical paradise P1000485Sonnyphotos first time for breakfast P1000486Sonnyphotos after breakfast, swim and now fast forward to a cocktail at lunchtime P1000489Sonnyphotos after lunch tide is better for a snorkel straight off the resort P1000491Sonnyphotos
P1000509Sonnyphotos tropical storm clouds rolling in , Jacs wants to go in P1000512Sonnyphotos So Evan & I, swim across the lagoon entrance off the resort to check out the beach and local village, and this is where the camera starts to go on me, obviously some water has gotten in and it's starting to fog up the lens with condensation ( and it's not like I went deepers than 3 meters and the thing is supposed to go to 5 meters )anyway P1000513Sonnyphotos no one from the resort bothers to come here, so we go on a scouting mission P1000514Sonnyphotos lots of driftwood on this side P1000516Sonnyphotos sma;; pieces as well, be fun to make things with P1000518Sonnyphotos rainbow behind Evan P1000522Sonnyphotos further along, lots more wood, bigger pieces P1000523Sonnyphotos shame the camera is fogging up on me P1000525Sonnyphotos made it to the river mouth, which is opposite the resort P1000528Sonnyphotos pretty rainbows through the foggy lens

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