Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Wim & Hilda's stop over enroute to Australia

P1000105sonnyphotos Love Hilda's guestroom in the attic P1000106sonnyphotos so nice to come home to after hectic Milan & Paris Fashion week P1000107sonnyphotos check out the chairs IMG_0463sonnyphotos hmmm, yum, I'm getting spoiled IMG_0464sonnyphotos seafood spread, what a feast, maybe they don't want me to leave :-) IMG_0465sonnyphotos a spread like that deserves a good glass of bubbly as an accompaniment IMG_0466sonnyphotos hmmmm, breakfast black blood sausage and white sausage, yum again IMG_0467sonnyphotos
P1000110sonnyphotos on the way to the airport now, it stopped raining and the clouds parted P1000115sonnyphotos check out all the barren trees, next time I'm here they'll all be green P1000116sonnyphotos ready to go P1000119sonnyphotos Thanks Wim & Hilda for your hospitality ( again :-)

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