Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Veronique Leroy FW11 Collection Paris Backstage

_PFW9647VeroniqueLeroy Irina Nikolaeva _PFW9659VeroniqueLeroy Simona Andrejic _PFW9670VeroniqueLeroy Jasmine Poulton _PFW9685VeroniqueLeroy Edythe Hughes & Lys Inger _PFW9717VeroniqueLeroy Flo Gennaro _PFW9723VeroniqueLeroy Kamila Filipcikova _PFW9731VeroniqueLeroy Nina Reijnders _PFW9745VeroniqueLeroy Lys Inger _PFW9751VeroniqueLeroy Magdalena Jasek & Tilda Lindstam _PFW9758VeroniqueLeroy Jasmine Poulton _PFW9774VeroniqueLeroy Edythe Hughes _PFW9779VeroniqueLeroy Yulia Terentieva & Ines Crnokrak _PFW9799VeroniqueLeroy Nina Reijnders

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