Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Bangkok > Sydney

P1000178sonnyphotos 40 minutes later, back on the plane taxiing on the runway P1000182sonnyphotos this new watercamera I got is taking some good pics P1000184sonnyphotos nice P1000185sonnyphotos ready for take off P1000187sonnyphotos love the tropical clouds P1000189sonnyphotos


P1000196sonnyphotos nice, print please P1000199sonnyphotos

P1000202sonnyphotos woauw, loving this, swirling action on the bottom and on top, print please P1000205sonnyphotos


light fading, and still have about 7 hours plus to go P1000213sonnyphotos np spectacular sunset, bummer P1000217sonnyphotos 6-7 hours later, first light on the horizon over Sydney P1000219sonnyphotos And landed, before sunrise. So very early Sydney time, lucky for me I have the best girlfriend, as she is on her way to come pick me up ( and if you know Jacqui, she doesn't like getting up early in the morning, especially if it is still dark, so big feat )

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