Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dior Haute Couture Backstage Paris

No, I'm not in Paris anymore, but a little birdie working hard backstage sent me this image as I was driving back to Belgium ( go the aussies ) no names mentioned hey Wil.
Naturally would have loved to cover the haute couture season, but there is, frankly, no money in it for me, considering it goes for 3 days, and in essence there are only , well, not even , a handfull of shows that the magazine editors are interested in. Economically it does not add up, . . . .unless . . .
Hey Dior, you should make me your house photographer !!
what say you
Oh, Wil, this is in no way having a go at your photo by the way
I love this photo, really do, you captured a moment there
For me, next stop Stockholm, so stay tuned


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