Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Brussels > Stockholm

_CLD8492Sonnyphotos leaving foggy Belgium and of the Stockholm _CLD8493Sonnyphotos thick _CLD8494Sonnyphotos but clearing over Mechelen _CLD8497Sonnyphotos but after Antwerp ( holland ) it gets thick again _CLD8499Sonnyphotos linear configurations of fog _CLD8501Sonnyphotos and hour or so later, when the fog meets the baltic sea _CLD8502Sonnyphotos _CLD8503Sonnyphotos frosty landscape _CLD8506Sonnyphotos line of fog _CLD8508Sonnyphotos ice forming on the  sea ( so that's salt water ! ) ) _CLD8510Sonnyphotos
_CLD8511Sonnyphotos about to land IMG_0439sonnyphotos Copenhagen airport, waiting 50 odd minutes for connecting flight to Stockholm _CLD8513Sonnyphotos and we're off again. Front row, for some reason I'm sitting in first row, no complaints there. _CLD8514Sonnyphotos take off, and check this out _CLD8516Sonnyphotos bridge from Malmo, Sweden, to nowhere ( I guess they're still working on it ? ) _CLD8517Sonnyphotos further north, landscape turning whiter _CLD8520Sonnyphotos
_CLD8521Sonnyphotos nearing Stockholm _CLD8523Sonnyphotos landscapes out near Arlanda, Stockholm _CLD8524Sonnyphotos

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