Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sleek Magazine

I know I know, not many posts going up and so much for me to talk about and share with you, time time time ...keeps on slipping slipping
back in July/August when we had our grand tour of Europe, I did a little shoot with Diane for a project with Swatch and sleek mag ( click here to see the post ) Well at the same time I was also photographer(d) for this project Jacqui 02 here's the shot Jacqui took of me Jacquiphoto01 and then here is the finished product ( can anyone spot India in the photo ? )
Here is Jacqui's post from the day with more pictures
And then there is the video

Sonny Vandevelde talks about style, blogging and swatch colors with sleek from sleek magazine on Vimeo.

Which you are supposed to watch and vote for ( you could win a swatch )

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