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Wish Winter 2011 Campaing Shoot

_OZI6955sonnyphotossonnyphotos Early start to the day, as we don't get a lot of daylight this time of the yeat in New Yotk, sun's up at 07:10 am and down again by 4pm and with a forecast for rain, we best start early.
So we put Stoj and Pam to work at 5am, yikes :-) _OZI6957sonnyphotossonnyphotos Iekeliene is used to early mornings ( and late nights ) _OZI6985sonnyphotossonnyphotos Bridget & Jonathan helping me out today, here getting gear tour 2nd location _OZI6987sonnyphotossonnyphotos Yep, a bit of a bite in the air today, but does not seem to affect Jonathan as he checks the light _OZI6996sonnyphotossonnyphotos Ieeeeeek ! :-) _OZI7073sonnyphotossonnyphotos
_OZI7078sonnyphotossonnyphotos Ikek loving her new camera, Canon F1 ( no, not some new digital camera, we're talking film ) _OZI7091sonnyphotossonnyphotos half way thorugh the shoot _OZI7092sonnyphotossonnyphotos
_OZI7115sonnyphotossonnyphotos last shot _OZI7122sonnyphotossonnyphotos like Kenny's wedding, we been so incredibly lucky the rain held off , really lucky :-) _OZI7158sonnyphotossonnyphotos bum shot, I mean, last shot :-)

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