Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Rue Du Mail SS2011 Collection Backstage Paris

_SML0687RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Anabela Belikova _SML0694RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Ginta Lapina _SML0701RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Kate Kosushkina _SML0709RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Agnete Hegelund _SML0718RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Siri, Alana & Hanne _SML0725RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Patricia van der Vliet _SML0743RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Rachel Ruff _SML0749RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Hanne Samokhina & Liu Wen _SML0758RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Kinga Rajzak _SML0777RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Agnete & Patricia _SML0805RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Hanne _SML0825RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Alana _SML0835RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Siri _SML0841RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Karlie _SML0855RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Kinga _SML0863RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Liu _SML0867RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Agnete _SML0868RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Samantha Gradoville _SML0874RueDuMailSonnyPhotos Ginta

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