Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Rick Owens SS2011 Collection Paris Backstage

_SML7631RickOwensSonnyPhoto Olga Sherer _SML7644RickOwensSonnyPhoto Kasia Struss _SML7652RickOwensSonnyPhoto Julia Nobis _SML7656RickOwensSonnyPhoto Hanne Gaby _SML7683RickOwensSonnyPhoto Kasia & Olga  _SML7722RickOwensSonnyPhoto
Kinga Rajzak _SML7714RickOwensSonnyPhoto Ming Xi _SML7729RickOwensSonnyPhoto Alana _SML7744RickOwensSonnyPhoto Irina Kulikova _SML7748RickOwensSonnyPhoto Uliana Tikhova _SML7774RickOwensSonnyPhoto Hanne _SML7784RickOwensSonnyPhoto Asia Bugajska, Lisa Bommerson & Hanne _SML7795RickOwensSonnyPhoto Ilva Heitmann & Olga _SML7801RickOwensSonnyPhoto Kasia _SML7807RickOwensSonnyPhoto Valerija Kelava _SML7832RickOwensSonnyPhoto Ming & Valerija _SML7877RickOwensSonnyPhoto Iris Strubegger _SML7885RickOwensSonnyPhoto Anastasia Kuznetsova _SML7901RickOwensSonnyPhoto Kinga _SML7912RickOwensSonnyPhoto Karlie & Irina

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