Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Los Angeles > Sydney

Fast forward about 16 hours, which was all nigth time, so no photos, but now we are about several hours out of Sydney, and first light _OZI7182sonnyphotos

_OZI7185sonnyphotos as the sun is coming up behind us, it feels like we are flying to Sydney and draggin the sun with us _OZI7187sonnyphotos














_OZI7215sonnyphotos How awesome are these photos, after about 5 hours plus flying from New York to L.A., and then 8-9 hours from L.A. to Sydney with nothing to see outside, it's definitely nice to get these at the end of the flight.
And this is pretty much what I do on flights, catch up on all the John Stewart's Daily shows ( I download several weeks worth, but then never get the time to see them , except now on the plane ) and take awesome photos like these _OZI7216sonnyphotos

Yeah, back in Australia, here we have the entrance to Port Hacking, Bundeena at the top, and Cronulla at the bottom with a tiny wave breaking onto shark island _OZI7226sonnyphotos you can see , how, if there was a massive North East swell, how those swell lines would travel up port hacking _OZI7229sonnyphotos and hit that sand bar _OZI7230sonnyphotos
_OZI7238sonnyphotos South Sydney National park cliffs, really nice coastal walk along those cliffs by the way _OZI7242sonnyphotos and back around passed the entrance to port hacking and cronulla _OZI7246sonnyphotos and passing directly over Voodoo's, awesome reef break near cronulla _OZI7252sonnyphotos cronulla beach _OZI7255sonnyphotos where there used to be some massive sand dunes, and now just a little lake. Love the plane shadow on the water _OZI7257sonnyphotos and again over botany bay _OZI7258sonnyphotos hard to tell, but this guyon the paddle ski, is near a pod of dolphins _OZI7263sonnyphotos great time to be heading out, looks like they will have a nice day _OZI7264sonnyphotos about to touch down _OZI7265sonnyphotos touch down _OZI7273sonnyphotos taxing to gate _OZI7276sonnyphotos rollers still down _OZI7280sonnyphotos come to standstill and door opens _OZI7281sonnyphotos now just wait for the ok from ground crew _OZI7283sonnyphotos

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