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Lake Bumbunga, South Australia

_OZI5514Sonnyphotos I just love taking a dirt track off the highway, with no signposts, lets see where it goes ( I lie, I know where it goes, it goes to the east side of Lake Bumbunga, as luck would have it, I'm here again exactly one year later, check my post form this time last year ) _OZI5516Sonnyphotos We are, I'm sure, in the grain capital of Australia _OZI5520Sonnyphotos print big, love it. Just made a wee little mistake while taking this shot, but turns out the mistake gives me this amazing colour in the sky _OZI5530Sonnyphotos partner in crime :-) _OZI5533Sonnyphotos and there she is, Lake Bumbunga,  but this time of the beaten track, we had to drive through a farmer's field, then this amazing lush section of low shrubs interspersed with all these colourful succulents, and then this great view _OZI5538Sonnyphotos You know what I'll say now, 2 things 1 print big 2 wanna do a production here :-) _OZI5540Sonnyphotos like a mirror, but there is actually quite a breeze blowing, wonder the lack of ripples has anything to do with the fact that it is salt and therefore heavier ? _OZI5570Sonnyphotos loving this location, and loving even more my "mistake " _OZI5580Sonnyphotos _OZI5585Sonnyphotos sorry to bore you with all these photos, but Jacqui & I just walked around here for ages taking hundreds of photos, I mean look at this photo, and no, no photoshopping or tricky computer effects, just camera , lens, filter and location _OZI5612Sonnyphotos
_OZI5618Sonnyphotos Just to prove no tricky photoshopping, here we have our lovely Jacqui, and as you can see, it's still Jacqui no shift in colour. And the colour of the salt is exactly like that,  amazing rose colour, but the sky, yes, the sky's colour has changed some what through this "mistake " :-) _OZI5630Sonnyphotos and that's rock hard salt, also, Jacqui walked on it barefoot, and it is maybe a little too hard for tender feet _OZI5643Sonnyphotos just fascinating _OZI5645Sonnyphotos
_OZI5660Sonnyphotos we are both mesmerised and in awe with its beauty _OZI5663Sonnyphotos our foot steps in the salt _OZI5675Sonnyphotos
_OZI5681Sonnyphotos we head back to the car to go and check out the west side _OZI5684Sonnyphotos
_OZI5720Sonnyphotos on the west side we have Lochie, and check out how much drier it was this time last year, compare the photos _OZI5736Sonnyphotos
_OZI5754Sonnyphotos the colour !! _OZI5759Sonnyphotos
_OZI5797Sonnyphotos like an alien landscape _OZI5800Sonnyphotos

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