Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.



_OZI6912sonnyphotossonnyphotos We spend about an hour doing the fitting with Iekeliene, Stoj ( make-up ) and Pam ( hair ) are here as well, to get a briefing, all is looking good _OZI6910sonnyphotossonnyphotos Sasha will be styling the shoot _OZI6925sonnyphotossonnyphotos ok, and we are done _OZI6931sonnyphotossonnyphotos So , Iek's turn to take some photos _OZI6935sonnyphotossonnyphotos
_OZI6937sonnyphotossonnyphotos Iek ready to go to her photography class now _OZI6939sonnyphotossonnyphotos one last shot of Iek in front of my photos that are still hanging up in the lobby _OZI6929sonnyphotossonnyphotos and now it is time for Todd and I to go and do some location scouting _OZI6951sonnyphotos ok, see you tomorrow Iek

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