Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Emilio Pucci SS2011 Collection

_SML4423PucciSonnyPhotos Jessica _SML4427PucciSonnyPhotos and those boots _SML4434PucciSonnyPhotos Ksenia & Daphne _SML4444PucciSonnyPhotos Freja & Karmen _SML4456PucciSonnyPhotos Hanne & Anna _SML4495PucciSonnyPhotos Jacquelyn _SML4509PucciSonnyPhotos Jacquelyn & Jessica _SML4516PucciSonnyPhotos Ruby _SML4519PucciSonnyPhotos Frida _SML4529PucciSonnyPhotos _SML4544PucciSonnyPhotos Jac _SML4550PucciSonnyPhotos Karolina _SML4554PucciSonnyPhotos Kurkova & Lauren Brown _SML4564PucciSonnyPhotos Daphne _SML4580PucciSonnyPhotos Anna & Edita _SML4644PucciSonnyPhotos Constance & Kendra _SML4657PucciSonnyPhotos Magdalena _SML4671PucciSonnyPhotos Freja _SML4680PucciSonnyPhotos Melissa _SML4688PucciSonnyPhotos Ruby

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