Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Damir Doma SS2011 Collection Backstage Paris

_SML0891DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Kamila Filipcikova _SML0897DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Ataui Deng _SML0903DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Kate Somers _SML0926DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Shena Moulton & Fabiana Mayer _SML0951DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Anne Sophie Monrad _SML0963DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Jenny Sinkaberg _SML0973DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Kelli Lumi _SML0987DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Simona Andrejic _SML0995DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Agne Petkute _SML1012DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Ataui & Ajak Deng _SML1020DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Yulia Lobova _SML1028DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Victoire Mac-Dauxerre _SML1041DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Linnea Regnander & Maud Welzen _SML1050DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Fabiana Mayer _SML1057DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Marike Le Roux & Pauline Van Der Cruysse _SML1061DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Ajak _SML1073DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Pauline _SML1075DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Diana Farkhullina _SML1091DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Kamila _SML1111DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Fabiana _SML1131DamirDomaSonnyPhotos Yulia & Kelli

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