Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Costume National SS 2011 Collection Paris Backstage

_SML0042CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Samantha Gradoville _SML0055CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos
Ming Xi _SML0057CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Simona Andrejic & Ol'ha Honchar _SML0068CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Kate Kosushkina & Yulia Kanova _SML0080CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Julia Nobis & Ruby Aldridge _SML0087CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Emily Senko & Nastya Karzan _SML0104CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Simona & Ming _SML0108CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Ol'ha Honchar & Ieva Laguna _SML0116CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Ramona Chmura _SML0125CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Melissa Tammerijn _SML0141CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Nastya Karzan _SML0196CostumeNationalSonnyPhotos Martha Streck

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