Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Chlo SS 2011 Collection Paris Backstage

_SML1523ChloeSonnyPhotos Emily Senko _SML1527ChloeSonnyPhotos Ginta Lapina _SML1533ChloeSonnyPhotos Kinga Rajzak _SML1542ChloeSonnyPhotos Sigrid Agren & Anabela Belikova _SML1545ChloeSonnyPhotos Mirte Maas _SML1555ChloeSonnyPhotos Katie Fogarty & Shu Pei Qin _SML1577ChloeSonnyPhotos Theres Alexandersson _SML1581ChloeSonnyPhotos Jac _SML1585ChloeSonnyPhotos Sigrid _SML1588ChloeSonnyPhotos Anabela Belikova _SML1592ChloeSonnyPhotos Aline Weber _SML1603ChloeSonnyPhotos Katie _SML1605ChloeSonnyPhotos oh my, awesome pic of Katie ! _SML1607ChloeSonnyPhotos Kinga _SML1610ChloeSonnyPhotos Siri Tollerod _SML1618ChloeSonnyPhotos Jacquelyn Jablonski _SML1632ChloeSonnyPhotos Ginta Lapina _SML1640ChloeSonnyPhotos Lisanne De Jong _SML1645ChloeSonnyPhotos Kirsi Pyrhonen _SML1647ChloeSonnyPhotos Kori Richardson _SML1663ChloeSonnyPhotos Jacquelyn & Siri _SML1665ChloeSonnyPhotos Katie & Shu Pei

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