Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Cacharel SS2011 Collection Paris Backstage

_SML0536CacharelSonnyPhotos Marike Le Roux _SML0560CacharelSonnyPhotos Anabela & Jac _SML0564CacharelSonnyPhotos Tallulah Morton _SML0574CacharelSonnyPhotos Simona Andrejic _SML0582CacharelSonnyPhotos Ginta Lapina _SML0592CacharelSonnyPhotos Marija Vujovic _SML0604CacharelSonnyPhotos Hanne Gaby Odiele _SML0609CacharelSonnyPhotos Maria Kashleva _SML0613CacharelSonnyPhotos Kasia Struss _SML0616CacharelSonnyPhotos Ajak Deng, Ataui Deng, Ashane Rose & Melodie Monrose _SML0620CacharelSonnyPhotos Martha Streck _SML0630CacharelSonnyPhotos Anabela Belikova & Maud Barrandon _SML0634CacharelSonnyPhotos Tallulah _SML0646CacharelSonnyPhotos Fei Fei Sun _SML0650CacharelSonnyPhotos Anabela Belikova & Ginta Lapina _SML0653CacharelSonnyPhotos Kristina Romanova _SML0659CacharelSonnyPhotos Hanne Gaby _SML0669CacharelSonnyPhotos Carolina Brasch Nielsen & Ilva Heitmann _SML0673CacharelSonnyPhotos Sigrid Agren, Kasia & Jac _SML0684CacharelSonnyPhotos Anabela ( oh my gawd India, she's copying your pose ! ) _SML0702CacharelSonnyPhotos Jac

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