Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Riba De Santiuste, Spain ( on the road again )

_EUR1201Sonnyphotos Wake up in the morning to this view, we left our little place at Suances in the late afternoon, and drove till midnight ( we had an hour dinner break ) to arrive at this little town about 200km north east from Madrid _EUR1203Sonnyphotos very dry, but I talked to one of the local guys and he tells me they still get enough water in the winter time to survive summer _EUR1204Sonnyphotos Evan checking out the outside of the Casa Rurales we rented for the night _EUR1211Sonnyphotos and I check the details on the inside _EUR1212Sonnyphotos
_EUR1216Sonnyphotos view of the castle from bedroom window _EUR1218Sonnyphotos view of the town from the other window _EUR1219Sonnyphotos _EUR1220Sonnyphotos bedroom _EUR1224Sonnyphotos turns out we are on the Don Quijote's route _EUR1226Sonnyphotos town square with the all important water fountain _EUR1230Sonnyphotos blown away by the beauty of the surrounding countryside, but also the similarity to the Australian landscape _EUR1231Sonnyphotos Casa Rurales  ( holiday rental ) _EUR1232Sonnyphotos bridge leading to the castle, and check the contrast in colour of the landscape when it is near a water source _EUR1235Sonnyphotos what a great location _EUR1237Sonnyphotos and you could be forgiven for thinking I've snapped these pics in the outback, well, it's outback Spain _EUR1238Sonnyphotos just awesome, I need an open check book from a wealthy magazine so I can come to places like this with a team to produce some fantastic fashion images _EUR1241Sonnyphotos view of the town, with Jacqui in the foreground taking photos of the sunflowers _EUR1242Sonnyphotos closer look at the castle, although we would have liked to get up closer it was closed, plus we need to drive another 5-6 hours to our next destination _EUR1245Sonnyphotos and I love my sunflowers _EUR1247Sonnyphotos _EUR1248Sonnyphotos ok, time to hit the road
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