Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


on the ( Spanish ) road again

_EUR1260Sonnyphotos beautiful country side _EUR1254Sonnyphotos Jac's has a go at driving, yeay, she got up to 5th gear _EUR1264Sonnyphotos blue sky, open road and sunflower fields. I opted for the smaller regional roads as opposed to zooming down the freeways, figured we would get to see more this way, and I'm glad we did _EUR1266Sonnyphotos We saw that there were some heavy storms near Murcia with severe flooding ( and this is the roughly the direction we are driving ), so was wondering if we would hit the storms, but we are skirting it the whole time, and got not one drop of rain, just sunshine and great  scenery _EUR1267Sonnyphotos so no storm for us _EUR1269Sonnyphotos check the red earth ( and insect riddled windscreen ) _EUR1271Sonnyphotos we arrive safely at our destination, but next morning when we plan to go to the local markets this just rolled over _EUR1272Sonnyphotos was impressive
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