Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Lunch at Comillas, Spain

_EUR1135SonnyPhotos This is the same spot we were at a week ago and the tide change is astounding, here's the pic at high tide. _EUR1139SonnyPhotos I'm not quite at water level yet, and where Jacqui is sitting now, if it were high tide, she would be soaked, so it illustrates the tidal difference, so when you have surf competitions, it really would make a big difference as to the waves breaking on the sandbanks or point breaks _EUR1142SonnyPhotos woauw, so similar to Long Reef _EUR1146SonnyPhotos
_EUR1148SonnyPhotos and that's the wall the kids were standing on and got splashed by the incoming waves.
And this is the spot were I just slipped on a mossy rock and really hurt my hip to protect my camera from smashing on the rocks _EUR1152SonnyPhotos
_EUR1154SonnyPhotos Did not even know there were any rocks on this beach, as you certainly could not see it at high tide
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