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Hintertux "Ice Palace" Glacier

_EUR0629SonnyPhotos yeay, we made it to Austria, the Tux region to be precise. I love it here, this is my 3rd trip to the Tux region in Austria. The 2 previous times was for work, shooting editorial, and I got to meet Herman who really looked after our production. So on a spur of the moment thing I rang him up to see if he could help me out to find some last minute accommodation, as we were not really planning on visiting Austria, just drive through, cut a long story short, our one day turned into a 3 day stay ( thanks Herman ) and I must say, it really is the place to go in Winter for ski-ing, but I was shocked at the amount of snow here now in the middle of summer, and the quality of it ( really good , spewing I did not get a ski in as it looked like fun ) so yeah, lots of ski-ing, starting at about 1500m, and the top of the mountain is about 3250m, but then below the snow line, there are some amazing walking trails, and, like I said, been here in winter twice, so am familiar with the shape of the mountains, but now , instead of covered in snow, there are creeks and waterfalls everywhere, so for walking it is just perfect ( and any of the water is so pure to drink ) SO highly recommend you put Austria on your travel plans, and does not matter what time of the year ( although Herman tells me April is best, still lots of snow, and good weather )
But today we visit the ice palace in the glacier _EUR0632SonnyPhotos and we all have to wear a helmet, pretty. It was so glaring and bright at the top, in the valley it was still cloudy, so it felt like we were going snow blind _EUR0634SonnyPhotos _EUR0635SonnyPhotos
_EUR0636SonnyPhotos big tour today, so once inside was hard to take good pics ( will have to get Herman to organise a private tour and get some better shots ) _EUR0637SonnyPhotos
here we go ( p.s. see the layer of fresh snow, and it is the middle of summer ) _EUR0638SonnyPhotos
_EUR0666SonnyPhotos woauw that was fun, well worth it
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