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Barcena Mayor, Cantabria

_EUR1019SonnyPhotos we followed our nose inland and discovered this little historic town _EUR1023SonnyPhotos and am loving the old style of carpentry incorporating river stones in the construction of the houses _EUR1029SonnyPhotos
_EUR1038SonnyPhotos I'm always impressed by how things were built pre electricity _EUR1041SonnyPhotos there's a slight fuzziness to these pics because there was just a constant drizzle of rain today _EUR1045SonnyPhotos so they got big solid planks of wood for a wall, evenly spaced, and then filled the gaps with rocks, some rendering, and voila, you have a solid wall _EUR1026SonnyPhotos India on a walk _EUR1027SonnyPhotos and Evan _EUR1047SonnyPhotos and this area seems to be dotted with villages like this, although Barcena Mayor was at the end of a road, and from there on it was national park, where there supposedly are still some bears roaming the woods _EUR1050SonnyPhotos
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