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On our way to Javea, Spain

_EUR0001SonnyPhotos After driving for more than 8-9 hours from the Chateau in France we finally arrived on sunset in the Pyrenees in Spain and stayed at a Casa Rurales in Errazu, Baztan, Spain. And woauw , waht a place this was, amazing, like stepping back into time, everything to look at was history, even the bookshelf had books dating back to the 1800's. The only thing new was the bathrooms, which were obviously just very recently installed. Silly me for not taking any pics inside, but I was sherpa to the clan. I'm so glad I found this place last minute on some spanish website that lists all the casa rurales ( rural homes ) sort of like a B&B, but in my book better. In Australia when you say B&B , it just always seems to be done in a way to be like an English style, you know, roses in the garden, check, wallpaper, check, bacon & eggs fro breakfast and or scone with cream for tea, check, I wish that Australia would drop this thing of trying to be british and just do more unique, individual style B&B. Now before you start bombarding me with emails, yes, I'm sure they exsist, but I'm also sure, not enough, and the price range is too high, because so far, in Europe, these have all been very affordable _EUR0002SonnyPhotos The village in the Pyrenees, on a misty morning _EUR0009SonnyPhotos about 2 hours driving later, down from the mountains the clouds disappeared quickly _EUR0012SonnyPhotos We stop to take some pics of all the windfarms in Spain, good to see, there were thousands of them around the Pamplona to Zaragoza area _EUR0015SonnyPhotos
_EUR0019SonnyPhotos another 4-5 hours of this _EUR0020SonnyPhotos
_EUR0021SonnyPhotos to arrive to this, our home for the next week in Spain _EUR0024SonnyPhotos where my parents are waiting for us, also enjoying the afternoon. Time to pop the Cava _EUR0026SonnyPhotos oooh yes, we will enjoy staying here for the week, especially the kids will love this, and what a view
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