Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Lots of shots from our stay at Javea

_EUR0071Sonnyphotos room with a view ( that's our bed in the foreground with Jac's still lying in it ) _EUR0094Sonnyphotos
_EUR0101Sonnyphotos that just screams summer holiday doesn't it _EUR0103Sonnyphotos eating ice cream with your feet in the pool _EUR0104Sonnyphotos
_EUR0112Sonnyphotos love this shot with the kids watching the sunset from theirbalcony and reflection of the sunset and Montgo in our bedroom window _EUR0115Sonnyphotos
gekko, enjoying the view as well _EUR0122Sonnyphotos another day, another sunset. normally I would have all the fun water pics as well of us snorkelling, but my trusty water camera finally carked it ( so I guess I will be getting a new one on my next trip to B&H) _EUR0129Sonnyphotos catalan colours ? _EUR0135Sonnyphotos dinner time reading at my parents house _EUR0136Sonnyphotos sign of things to come, or just tired ? _EUR0144Sonnyphotos aaaah, dinner, and my Leentje's famous Kous Kous, this time with chicken _EUR0146Sonnyphotos then the girls do some more reading, and yes, they loved their meal _EUR0148Sonnyphotos
_EUR0158Sonnyphotos "me & my book " _EUR0159Sonnyphotos my parents place, always changing _EUR0172Sonnyphotos more sunsets _EUR0182Sonnyphotos
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