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Faulty Appendix forcing extended stop over in Nice

_EUR0215Sonnyphotos A worried Jacqui, as it has been 2 hours since Evan has been operated on, but he is still not back in his room, when they said it would only take 45 min. And it makes it even harder when none of the nurses speak English and Jacqui's french is very limited.
Turns out Evan's appendix removal was a little more complicated, it was a biggie and as they pulled her out, she decided to burst , so there is a risk of his stomach getting an infection. So they are keeping Evan under surveillance near the operating rooms, and the problem is that this is a sterile area and public is not allowed in this area, where as Jacqui thought she would have been able to be there when they put Evan under and for when he would awake. So she is more concerned about Evan coming out of his general anesthetic and waking up in a strange environment and foreign language.
And I just turned up with the girls, so I went and had a chat with the nurses, and they are understaffed, but if went with her and helped her, I could go get him with her, so we did _EUR0212Sonnyphotos the good news is, that when Evan gets better again, at least he will have an amazing view of the beach, not only that, but he can see the planes come in to land at Nice airport ( and at times, they come in every 3 min for about an hour it seems, including all the private jets as well as commercial airlines ) This shot taken in the late afternoon as the sun sets and shadows from the apartments are cast on the beach _EUR0216Sonnyphotos Next morning, and what a view, I checked in with the girls in the first hotel I found, they only had a room available for the one night, so will be looking for another spot today, but in the meantime, as the sun slowly rises I enjoy this view. Jacqui is staying with Evan in the hospital _EUR0221Sonnyphotos a few hours later, after I went for a swim with Belle & India _EUR0228Sonnyphotos After we checked up on Jacqui and Evan and found another place to stay, we go on a little adventure to Ville Sur Franche, the next village after Nice, and just as well pull over to check out the view this little butterfly landed on India's arm _EUR0231Sonnyphotos
_EUR0234Sonnyphotos and this is the view we stopped for _EUR0236Sonnyphotos complete with cruise ship, we spotted that mini beach at the bottom there to go for a swim, but after many tiny windey roads and private roads only, plus gated roads we gave up , and went to the cape ferrat ( just out of frame on the right ) _EUR0240Sonnyphotos
under the light house of the Cape there is still 2 remnants of a bunker _EUR0246Sonnyphotos what's great about this place is that is actually a pathway along the waters edge all the way around the cape and surrounding beaches and headlands, past the multi ( and I mean multi ) million dollar villa's ( make that mansions ) _EUR0248Sonnyphotos _EUR0249Sonnyphotos we see the need for the light house _EUR0257Sonnyphotos the spot we settled on going for a swim _EUR0258Sonnyphotos the water is so deep and so clear, absolutely spewing my water camera is broke. The images of the girls snorkeling as I swam underneath them, the rays of sunlight coming through the water and the most amazing infinity of blue behind them, awesome _EUR0264Sonnyphotos
and I must say the girls are pretty brave to get out there. Ok, now back to the hospital and check up on Evan and Jacqui
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