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RA13 Antwerp, Belgium

IMG_0195SonnyPhotos I'm meeting with Romain and Anna ( R & A that make up RA, get it ? ) to go over the final details for an exhibition we are planning for June ( stay tuned for opening night details )  Now for those of you who don't know, RA13 is a new shop in Antwerp, something Antwerp has been needing for a while, like a little Collete Store meet Dover Street Market. The opening party was fun, click here for my post on it back in October IMG_0199SonnyPhotos Loving what the have done with the cafe while I was here last. Basically they moved the bookshop section from the front to the , well the middle, so now the cafe space has a much nicer feel about it IMG_0196SonnyPhotos so I had some lunch there after our meeting, chargrilled chicken served in broth with Broccoli, yum IMG_0197SonnyPhotos The space leading into the shop from the street where I will sow some pictures IMG_0198SonnyPhotos Fellow Av Cat , Dan Thawley, why that look on his face, is it because what is written on that piece of paper, someone's number perhaps, who knows, ask Dan :-)
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