Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


G&O Classic

It's been a long time since I caught up with Todd ( thanks facebook )last I saw him he was chained to that desk surrounded by an all woman team up there on Lv 5 at Park street ( he got out safe and well, sanity intact :-) Since then did a few years at an ad agency and now has started his own surfwear label. _AFW3825G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos Todd Sheldrick, hanging up his gear _AFW3837G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos So when Todd told me he was trying to get this brand up and running, I offered to do some photos for him, that was a year ago. Today we finally meet up after all these years and snap a few quickies _AFW3834G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos And I say G&O to his site and get your orders in _AFW3846G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos love it down here, and then watch the seaplane take off _AFW3850G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos off to Rose Bay _AFW3853G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos
_AFW3858G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos back to the shorts. Todd is trying to get it all done in Australia, and it is tough to do so as it is hard to keep costs down this way _AFW3869G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos but the good news is that is gives him a better look in on the quality control of his product _AFW3926G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos Classic ! _AFW3946G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos These are prints from Thailand, otherwise everything else is pure Aussie _AFW3985G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos Love these _AFW4002G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos nice sweat with solid print _AFW4029G&OSonnyPhotosSonnyPhotos
so guys, do yourself a favour, and don't just get your fix by buying from the big boys go on, buy something a bit more unique and at the same support your fellow aussies, clickity click IMG_0158SonnyPhotos just had to put this in, sorry Todd, but it made me laugh IMG_0157SonnyPhotos
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