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Jacqui has a point, and I wish more people would listen


How About a Quick Game of Monopoly

Coles is not listening to me.

They tell me they are, but they are not.

I know this because when they asked for my opinion, I gave it to them, but it changed nought.

Dear Coles,

Why is it that the only garlic you have available for purchase, comes from China?

I thought we had enough arable land to grow our own garlic here, in Australia.....

and, Coles, why is it that you can only offer me asparagus grown in Thailand?

Don't Aussie farmers like asparagus?Asparagus  Well, I know the farmers must like it, because I buy yummy, locally grown asparagus from the farmer's market every Sunday.

But, Coles, you know what puzzles me the most? The fact that I used to be able to buy recycled kitchen paper towels but you don't stock them any more. I'm curious to know, in this time of concern for the environment, why you would stop such a product? Why, also, would the only paper towels available be 'Handee' brand, or the two Coles' home brands, and that's it?

hang on.....

I can hear a loud noise in the background.....

It's 1000 tiny voices screaming.........


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