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CRUSH, the fine wine shop in Brussels

So here I am far far away from that great lan dunder the southern skies, and it is Australia day, lucky for me, did Stijn see my facebook update, and suggested I join him for a mini Australia Celebration at the Crush wine bar, okidoki, why not, I mean , it is only minus 5 degrees outside, but I been bloggin boys 24/7 ( well feels like I ahve ) so I should get outIMG_5618SonnyPhotos
And man, am I glad I did, as I just walked into a gold mine of Australian wine. Every winery ( bar Xanadu, famed for making the first ever semillon in Western Australia, and it winning a gold medal ) is on sale here that my mum worked at, I see Leeuwin Estate, Vasse Felix, Cullens the list goes on, a whole shop full, woauwIMG_5619SonnyPhotos
Our host is Max Allman, and I'm here attending a little wine tasting, I'm not big on white wines but he got us to taste this Sauv.Balnc/Semillon from Stella Bella Skuttlebutt ( 2008 ) and a Shelmerdine Viognier ( 2008 ) that went down really well ( despite the minus temperature outside )IMG_5620SonnyPhotos Ryan was there as well ( the only 2 aussies ) and check out all the wines behind him, then multiply that by about 7 and that is the variety of Australian wines you will find in this shopIMG_5624SonnyPhotosSo thanks Stijn, had a great tasty night. Reds ? Yes, 3 of them
Grant Burge Hillcoot , Merlot , 2007
Majella Musician, Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz, 2007
D'Arenberg 28 road, Mourvedre 2004
So if you want a good wine, and you are in Europe, forget all that bordeaux and beaujolais stuff, pop into Crush Wine Cellar, and get yourself a real wine ( you call that a wine, this is a wine )
They are conveniently located close to the European parliament in Brussels, Rue Caroly 39, Brussel
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