Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.

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Brussels > Stockholm

IMG_5757SonnyPhotos Up and away, the industrial area near Schaerbeek, north BrusselIMG_5758SonnyPhotos The Ring around Brussel, the Vilvoorde viaductIMG_5759SonnyPhotos still looking white ( and more on the way )IMG_5762SonnyPhotos like that cloud hanging over the landscapeIMG_5768SonnyPhotos I thought this was going to happen ( besides it getting too dark ) more clouds IMG_5773SonnyPhotos Artificial farming, what yousee down there, is one of those big glasshouses, with the heating lamos on, or just lamps but the glasshouse heated, growing , I don't know, tomatoes, salad ...IMG_5774SonnyPhotos nice to still get some colour on this flightIMG_5775SonnyPhotos with the Schelde underneathIMG_5776SonnyPhotos IMG_5777SonnyPhotos loving that soft blueIMG_5779SonnyPhotos IMG_5780SonnyPhotos IMG_5781SonnyPhotos more glasshouses on "night duty " And then it went dark, and I watch some tv series
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