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A Shaded View On Fashion Antwerp Academy Editorial Prize Winner

Karisia 01SonnyPhotos First Editorial prize given this year, I know, a bit late, but what with all the snow, and grey skies, nice to see what Belgium can look like as well.
So this is the first time Diane handed out a prize at the Antwerp Academy, she has published them already on her site, so figure it is time I did as well now.
The winner is Antwerp Academy graduating fashion student Karisia Paponi, hailing from Italy.
Modeling the clothes for this series is Eveline De Winter from Dominique Models
Make up the ever so talented Caroline Quirynen
And pics by meKarisia 04SonnyPhotos
Karisia 02SonnyPhotos
Karisia 05SonnyPhotos
Karisia 03SonnyPhotos

Karisia 06SonnyPhotos
Karisia 07SonnyPhotos
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