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Waterfall at Korolevu , Fiji

_SYD3481So like I said, we were told about this great waterfall, turn at the airport, up dirt road etc...but we were also told that it being a sunday, it might not happen, especially so late in the afternoon. But lucky us, here we are on our 25minute trek to the waterfall from Biusevu village_SYD3484Past the blue house_SYD3485That's Miriama, our guide_SYD3486Past the old tractor_SYD3487crossing one_SYD3488two_SYD3489three_SYD3490four_SYD3493five_SYD3494six_SYD3497seven_SYD3498eight crossing later ( I'm sure I missed one ) and we get closer to the waterfall _SYD3492_SYD3496tropical paradise_SYD3499nearly there_SYD3500There it is
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