Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Snorkel o'clock

PC070002Whilst here, just had to go for a snorkel, I mean, look at the colours, and keeping in mind that these are taken with a basic point and shoot underwater camera, nothing professional PC070006Some sort of a slug , the size of your footPC070008So many of these aroundPC070011Fish, big enough to eat, everywherePC070013Some form of coral, soft to touch, with Nemo hiding on the bottom right somewherePC070014Close up of same coral. spongy thingPC070016No, I'm not at an aquarium , these fish really are all herePC070017Just like this Turner fishPC070020PC070023Is this a parrot fish ? Let me have a closer look at that coral it is swimming pastPC070015Cool patternPC070027Another weird type of sea slug, twice as big as the other onePC070028Can you spot the fish, I wonder if it is one of those deadly ones ?
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